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Spain's Real Estate Law

Spain is a popular destination for summer holidays and this title is recognised by many countries, especially in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Today, Spain is actually one of the most visited countries and ranks next to France (which is actually the most visited place on earth!). Since there are many breathtaking architecture and splendid natural wonders in the said country, it is already imminent that the number of tourists coming in to Spain increase over the years. As a result to the influx of tourists, many foreigners come up with the decision of buying their second home in Spain.

When you buy a real estate property in Spain, you have to expect that there are certain rules and regulations that run the entire real estate business in the Spanish territories. Before you actually purchase a residential or commercial property in this land, you should study all their real estate laws before anything else. You have to take note that there is a general real estate law that is applicable to any foreign real estate buyer. Furthermore, there are additional local laws that usually differ from one jurisdiction to another. For instance, the laws that apply in Madrid may not be relevant in the province of Barcelona. So whenever you are interested in a particular real estate property in a particular province in Spain, you should research on the local regulations that are imposed in the area.

Since buying a real estate property in another country has its own risk, it is advisable that you hire a lawyer that is well-informed of the real estate business in Spain. With the help of a lawyer, your real estate purchase will be guaranteed to be secure and valid, something that would definitely put you at ease.

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