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Perhaps one of the most dramatic developments in the entire commercial world is the integration of the Internet with the marketing strategies of various firms. With the birth of Internet marketing (also known as Web marketing, i-marketing, eMarketing, or online marketing), plenty of companies have started to discover the benefits it gives to the company in terms of marketing and financing aspects. It is indeed no wonder that even the real estate business takes advantage of this revolutionary communication and marketing medium.

It can be significantly noticed that real estate brokers, developers, and even individual property sellers have considered Internet marketing to advertise real estate properties that are up for sale or for rent. Since there are already a lot of people using the Internet on a daily basis, it is not risky to engage in Internet marketing to promote different real estate properties. In addition to that, Internet marketing promises a wider customer reach compared to other media used in advertising and promotion. Amazingly, the World Wide Web allows real estate practitioners to advertise their listed properties on a global context-all in a cost-efficient way!

Although there are some real estate agents, firms, and developers who take the effort to make their own website and have their site optimised by search engine optimisation specialists, there are others who opt to take advantage of the free listing services provided for by real estate websites. Indeed, even for the small-time, private real estate sellers, it is possible to advertise one's property without having to spend thousands of cash for marketing purposes-thanks, of course, to the Internet!

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